Penis Enlargement Devices/Extenders FAQs

There are several queries that revolve around penis enlargement devices/ extenders. Here are the frequently asked questions about penis enlargement devices/ extenders. Take a look:

How would I know if I can use penis enlargement devices/ extenders?

You are eligible to use the penis enlargement devices/ extenders if you have a penis size less than 3 inches on erection. If you are not happy with the size of your penis and complain of an unfulfilling sex life, you can use these devices to increase the length of the penis. If you have Peyronie’s disease, you can use these devices to correct the condition.

Are the gains permanent or will they disappear after discontinuing the use of penis enlargement devices/ extenders?

The gains are permanent. Even if you stop using the penis enlargement device/ extender, the gains will stay for life.

Are they comfortable to wear?

It largely depends on the penis enlargement device/ extender you are using. Generally talking, yes, they are comfortable given the fact that a lot of men wear it for a long duration of time without complaining of any sort of discomfort.

Does the penis turn red or purple if the device is too tight?

Yes, if the device is too tight or if you are not using the device properly, it may hinder your organ. Too tight device will restrict the blood flow to the penis and hence, your penis will turn dark purplish in color. If you continue to use further, the penis will get cold and gradually numb.

If you see any of these signs, you must remove the penis enlargement device/ extender. It is advisable to gradually increase the time of wearing. Get acquainted to the device first and then increase the time.

Would it be possible to wear the device while I sleep?

Do not wear it while you sleep. You might hurt yourself.

Are the penis enlargement devices/ extenders similar as penis pumps? Or are they different?

The penis enlargement devices/ extenders are a little different from penis pumps. The major difference being that penis pump offers immediate and temporary increase in the size of the penis. The effect remains for up to 12 hours. While, the penis enlargement devices/ extenders give permanent results and the results do not show overnight. They take time to manifest.

Penis pumps suction the tissues. This results in an immediate vasodilatation. The penis gets swelled up for some time. The density of the cells in the penis does not increase. While the penis enlargement devices cause formation of new cells in the penis. Thus, increasing the size of the penis permanently.

Penis pump has severe side effects attached to it like pain, permanent scars, and bruises, and rarely gangrene. Side effects are rare with penis enlargement devices/ extenders.

Is it worth investing in penis enlargement devices/ extenders?

Yes, if you are really worried about the size of your penis. This deal won’t cost you fortunes and you will get sure results.