How To Measure Your Penis Correctly?

Whenever you read about the penis enlargement the first thing that you come across is the average length of your penis. Till today many people still have doubts about the correct average size of a healthy man. Many of the medical reports say the average penis size should be around 7 inches when erect. Next thing that comes is the exact method on how to measure your penis.

There are many types of methods by which you can measure your penis length, but not all are approved or suggested by the medical practitioners. When measuring the size of your penis, you will need to be honest with yourself and mark the size accurately. Once you get the proper numbers, you will be able to make a comparison study with the average sizes.

In order to get the correct reading of your penis measurement you can follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • When it reaches the best erection
  • If your penis is bent towards upwards or side wards then push it towards down and make it parallel to the ground.
  • Take out a measuring tape or ruler and measure it with your other hand. To do this place the ruler on top of your penis with zero end just touching the skin below your pubic hair.
  • Do not put pressure on your pubic bone

Like this you can easily measure the size of your penis and this would be the most accurate measurement of your penis. You will get many alternatives over the internet. According to some web sites people used to adopt the method of measuring their penis size by keeping a ruler beside the penis and taking the measurement against the hip bone.

One more incorrect method that was being used in order to take fake reading is anus to tip method. In both of the above mentioned methods you will not get correct size if your penis. Many reviews have been done on order to prove these methods on how to measure your penis as wrong. Even the medical experts feel that you need not cheat your own mind, be honest while measuring so that you will be able to take exact corrective measures.

If you come across any of the reviews or the articles regarding the bigger penis then make sure what kind of method was used while measuring the penis size. After you have understood the correct procedure and the size of your penis you can start concentrating on the proper method to increase size. There are many products and procedures available in the market, which will help you in adding extra inches to your penis.

According to some medical reports usage of penis enlargement pills have proven to be very effective and today there are millions people across the world are using the pills. This method is very simple to adopt and it is very easy to follow. It is just like taking your regular medicines. Before starting the method consult your doctor first.