6 Steps To Saving Your Erection

Does the thought of having weak erections scare you? You are not alone. It is normal for a man to dread the day he wakes up and realizes that his manhood is not rising to the occasion as sharply as it has always done. However, what are you doing to make sure that this day never comes? Worrying is one thing, but working on saving your erection or making it even stronger is an entirely different thing. In this post, we let you in on a couple of things you can do to maintain or boost the quality of your erections.

Watch your diet

What have you been eating all this while? Are you the kind that thrives on junk and processed foods? If yes, you are putting your erections at risk, and the effects might manifest sooner than you expect. Don’t wait until it happens. Reevaluate your diet. Eat a balanced diet at all times. Snack on healthy food items as well. Remember to include greens and fresh fruits in your meals. Also, buy erection-boosting foods such as watermelon, bananas, garlic, oysters and dark chocolates among many others.

Substance abuse is harmful to your erection

Recreational drugs might give you that “good” feeling but that they are slowly messing up with your erections. You can hardly suspect it until erectile dysfunction begins to rear its ugly face. As such, try as much as possible to get rehabilitated. Note that cigarette smoking is not exceptional as it interferes with the flow of blood to the penis. You may want to consider quitting altogether for the sake of your erections. Also, moderate your alcohol intake – excessive consumption may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Too much weight

Excessive pounds are one of the greatest enemies of your erections. This is particularly true if your excess weight is accompanied by high cholesterol levels. Get rid of that belly fat as soon as possible. If you did not sufficient motivation to engage in regular physical exercises, now you do!


While working hard is a virtue, you want to make sure that your working hard doesn’t amount to constant exhaustion. Fatigue is a killer of erections, and many men are not aware of this little fact. In as much as you value your work and desire to make the most out of every opportunity, it is imperative that you always get enough rest.

Insomnia or sleep deprivation

For some men, night time is one of the most dreaded moments. This is mainly because they suffer from insomnia – for one reason or the other. Failure to get enough sleep (at least seven hours) may weaken your erections. Apparently, sleep deprivation causes a nosedive of your testosterone levels and in turn making it difficult for you to obtain and retain a firm erection. If you have been staying awake intentionally, consider ditching this harmful habit. On the other hand, if you cannot explain the source of your insomnia, speak to your doctor at the earliest opportunity you get to help you overcome it.

Maintain healthy levels of blood pressure

Hypertension is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Contrary to popular belief, humans can control their blood pressure in various ways. Some of the things that you can do to keep hypertension at bay include losing weight, observing a healthy diet, reducing sodium intake, limiting alcohol consumption, cutting back on caffeine, quitting cigarette smoking and managing stress levels effectively. Also, keep tabs on your blood pressure at home and attend routine checkups at your doctor’s office religiously.