Why It Is Important To Treat Premature Ejaculation?

The duration in which sexual intercourse lasts is critical in determining the quality of a relationship. Women enjoy sex just as men do hence their sexual needs should at all times be met to enhance contentment in a relationship. Premature ejaculation is one of the main challenges couples face in most relationships. When it occurs, this condition normally deprives partners of an intense sexual experience and satisfaction. The following are some of the reasons why it is important to treat premature ejaculation;

To increase sexual satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction is a key determinant of a healthy relationship. Partners who are more satisfied sexually in a relationship tend to be happier than those who are less satisfied sexually. Premature ejaculation normally deprives partners of sexual satisfaction. Usually, women are the most affected in terms of sexual satisfaction when a man ejaculates prematurely.

Premature ejaculation can make a woman view a man as selfish and not caring about her sexual feelings. This has led to breakups in many relationships. Therefore, there is a need to treat this condition to increase sexual satisfaction so as to help keep a relationship going.

To reduce stress and interpersonal difficulties

Men suffering from premature ejaculation tend to shy away from sexual intercourse with the fear of exposing their weakness to their partners. These men feel that when they get intimate with their partners, things might lead to sexual intercourse, which they feel they might fail to make happen well.

Typically, these kinds of men tend to withdraw their emotions from their partners which may result in stress. By treating premature ejaculation, a man is able to regain his confidence to perform well in bed and is unlikely to shy away from any sexual activity. He can get emotionally attached to his partner with an assurance that his performance won’t let him down.

To regain desire and orgasms

Ejaculating prematurely normally prevents a woman from achieving orgasm as it cuts short sexual stimulation. Just as a woman begins to feel pleasure or is yet to feel it, a man may ejaculate thereby interrupting the exciting and pleasurable moment. An orgasm is characterized by a heightened sexual satisfaction which is normally at optimum.

In order to make a woman reach an orgasm, sexual stimulation must be intense enough. Prolonged penile-vaginal penetration tends to cause intense stimulation that makes it exceptionally easy for a woman to orgasm. Therefore, by treating premature ejaculation, a man is likely to last longer in bed thereby enabling him to stimulate a woman’s pleasure nerve endings long enough to lead to an orgasm.

To increase self-esteem

The feeling of being unable to last long in bed can significantly lower a man’s self-esteem. This can make him avoid sex with the fear of embarrassing himself. A low self-esteem worsens the situation for a man. By treating premature ejaculation, a man is able to regain back his self-esteem and rejuvenate his sexual prowess. A high self-esteem is associated with an improved bedroom performance which can be a plus for a relationship.

To avoid embarrassment in bed

Premature ejaculation comes with a feeling of embarrassment in that the man tends to feel weak, inferior and a failure in bed. Even though his partner may not express her disappointment with him, he may feel guilty of having disappointed her and this would make him feel more embarrassed. Treating premature ejaculation eradicates the chances of embarrassment as the man is likely to last longer in bed and perform his sexual duties perfectly.

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