Drinking Coffee Could Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the prevalent sexual issues men face these days - not that it wasn’t an issue before, but there is a significant rise in the number of men suffering from this condition today as compared to the previous years. It can be very humiliating and perturbing for a man to fail to attain an erection strong enough to allow sexual intercourse to happen.

Sex is critical in the lives of human beings as it is an essential aspect of life and the overall well-being. Sex helps partners in a relationship bond, especially during orgasms. Consequently, there is a need for any man having problems with erections to find an ideal solution.

Scientific studies reveal that drinking coffee could help prevent erectile dysfunction from occurring. This is attributed to a particular study from the University of Texas Health Science Center based in Houston. This study determined that consuming caffeine every day lowered the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Since caffeine is acquired directly from taking beverages such as coffee, the quantity of coffee consumed, for example, is directly proportional to the quantity of caffeine supplied into the body. This study considered various sources of caffeine including coffee, tea, sports drinks and soda.

According to the study, men who considered taking two to three cups of coffee every day reduced the risk of impotence. The study was further broken down into milligrams where it was discovered that men who took 85 to 170 milligrams of caffeine on a daily basis were 42% less likely to suffer from impotence.

However, men who took 171 to 303 milligrams of caffeine on a daily basis were 39% less likely to suffer from impotence. Despite caffeine showing signs of reducing the risks of erectile dysfunction in men, it couldn’t help those men suffering from diabetes.

The study was also in coherence with the declaration by the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which stated that consuming three to five cups of coffee on a daily basis could help reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Typically, these two conditions are some of the major causes of impotence hence reducing their risks could significantly help reduce the risk of impotence.

Caffeine is highly recommended for men because of its ability to help relax the penile muscles as well as the penile arteries. When consumed in sufficient quantities (two to three cups), caffeine results in the relaxation of the smooth muscle tissue. This tissue is located in the penis, and its relaxation improves the supply of blood thereby resulting in stronger and harder erections. Besides, when arteries are relaxed, they widen. This allows more blood to flow to the penis erectile chambers, which subsequently boosts erections.

Based on the studies above, drinking coffee can be good for a man’s erectile function. Using coffee as a way of preventing erectile dysfunction is more convenient and affordable as compared to other methods. You not only get to reduce the risk of suffering from impotence by taking coffee every day but also get to refresh and energize your body in readiness for the daily errands.

Don’t expect an overnight result

The most prominent reason for failure in the enlargement exercise is the assumption that it’s a one, two, three, trick and voila… you have your big penis. Nothing is further from the fact. All penis enhancement techniques, no matter how good the quality of the gadgets you use are, require ample to take root.

Your body is being subjected to a lot of pressure and tension. Further, your delicate organ is expected to take all the brunt force of elongation and extension. Bear in mind that any haste in the implementation of this procedure is going to lead to injury. So, naturally, it’s not going to be that quick.

And injuries will set you back several weeks behind since you will pause the training and wait for the healing. Therefore, from the planning stage, provide between six to eight months of daily hard routine. With this rigor, your member also needs time to recuperate and get a break when the going gets tough.